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The Trees For Less Christmas Experience

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Ahh Christmas time… the smell of fresh balsam fir, snowy white trees, hot cocoa and marshmallows. Don’t you just love it! We do!

And that’s why we make buying your Christmas Tree special. A family affair that you will do year after year. Here at Trees for Less, we do it up big time. Everything is included as part of your tree purchase, which is why we may have a more premium price tag on our trees, you are paying for more than just a tree, you come for the fun as well. Keep reading to see what you can expect when you come to buy your holiday tree from us.

1. Fresh Balsam or Fraser Fir Trees

Fresh cut trees last so much longer then the ones you would buy at a home improvement/grocery store. We offer choose and cut trees where you can walk our farm and cut down your own tree. But we also have fresh pre-cut trees lined up on racks for you to select as well. These have been cut in mid-November to offer a long lasting needle. We only keep the best looking trees for a premium experience.

2. Hot Coco and Treats

Here in Wi it can be colddddd in winter. We like to keep kids (and adults) a little bit warmer by having our snack shake with hot chocolate and little treats for everyone, free of charge. We also have extra special treats for the parents. 😉

3. Visit with Santa

“SANTA I KNOW HIM!” Well so do we. Santa comes to visit on the weekends. He brings his favorite wooden sleigh and sits for pictures or to hear Christmas wish lists. Again, part of our premium experience included with the purchase of a tree. He usually visits from 10-3 on Saturdays and Sundays. But sometimes he makes other appearances as well.

4. Hayride through the fields

Papa Ricko (Trees for Less original owner) is our hayride operator! He will take you on a little tour through the land pulled behind our tractor. Fun little way to see some of our wonderful tree farm. Make sure to dress warm, because the wind can be a bit cold!

5. Bonfire

We know its cold, so we keep wood in our fire all day long to help warm you up. Enjoy your hot coco while sitting by the fire.

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