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Arborvitaes are fast growing and easy to care for. They can provide a great privacy screen when planted close together. Below are some different types of varieties available. Please give us a call and see what we have in stock or what we could source for you also inquire about prices and delivery.


Pyramidal Arborvitae

Height: 12-25 Ft.  Spread: 4-5 Ft.
A fast growing, hardy, narrow, cone-shaped evergreen. Bright green, soft foliage. Shape easily maintained by minimal trimming.

Emerald Arborvitae

Height: 10-15 Ft.  Spread: 3-4 Ft.
From Denmark. Emerald green foliage. Compact pyramidal form. Holds color well thru the winter.

Dark Green Arborvitae

Height: 15-20 Ft.  Spread: 6-8 Ft.
Dense branching habit. Deep, dark green fan shaped foliage. Retains good color all year. Responds well to shearing. Rapid grower. Ideal for hedges and screens.

Techney Arborvitae

Height: 12-15 Ft.  Spread: 6-8 Ft.
Fast growing. Excellent for screens and tall sheared hedges. Very dark green. Good in sun or light shade. Very winter hardy.

Globe Arborvitae

Height: 3-5 Ft.  Spread: 3-5 Ft.
Rich Green. Retains its globe shape without trimming. Good in full sun or light shade.


Canadian Hemlock

Height: 30-45 Ft.  Spread: 15-20 Ft.
Native to the U.S. Long lived tree that does well in city conditions. Pyramidal growth, branches often droop. Can be easily sheared into a hedge. Full sun to full shade.

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