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Mulch: Products

Fresh Mulch

We have the freshest mulch available in the area and have a very quick delivery turn around for the last minute weekend projects. Shoot us a call or email to give you a quote!

For a rough estimate, use the mulch calculator below and input the price per yard. Then give us a call to schedule and look at delivery fee based on location.


Mulch Types

Free local delivery of 8 yards or more. Call for additional delivery options.

Brown Enviro

$30 price per yard

Brown enviro is a bark mulch that is darker-brown color. It will usually last between 2-3 years. Chippings are dyed with environmentally safe color, but may stain.

Dark Brown Double Grind

$33 price per yard

Black Enviro

$30 price per yard

Deep brown double grind has a natural cooking process which allows it to color itself. This process releases natural tannin's and nutrients, and because of the high temperature it kills pathogens and weed seeds.

Black enviro is a bark mulch that is died black in color. It will usually last between 2-3 years. Chippings are dyed with environmentally safe color, but may stain.

Premium Hardwood Mix

Dark hardwood mix is one of our most popular varieties of mulch. This 100% hardwood bark is mostly made from oak and maple, and is a medium-brown color.

$28 price per yard


$44 price per yard

Hemlock mulch is a reddish, copper brown in color and will generally last 2-3 years. This mulch has a wonderful Northwoods scent.

Raw Woodchips

$15 price per yard

Raw unprocessed woodchips. For large areas of coverage needed, not ideal for around house landscaping.

Double Grind

$23 price per yard

Natural woodchips and logs processed through a large tub grinder to create a nice economy mulch.

Mulch Colors

Brown Enviro Mulch 1.jpg

Brown Enviro

Hemlock Mulch 1.jpg


PHM Mulch 1.jpg

Premium Hardwood

Raw Woodchips.jpg

Raw Woodchips

Black Mulch 1.jpg

Black Enviro

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Where do we Deliver?

If you purchase 8 yards or more and are within 10 miles of our Mequon location, we do not charge a delivery fee. Please have a look at our price sheet above for delivery fees.

Delivery locations including but not limited to: Mequon, Germantown, Cedarburg, Grafton, Menomonee Falls, Brown Deer, Fox Point, ect.

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