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We have a variety of evergreen trees to choose from. Below we have information on the different types of evergreen trees available. Have a look and give us a call to see what we have in stock and can source for you.


Concolor, White Fir

Height: 50 Ft.  Spread: 15 Ft.
Bluish needles and light colored growth. One of the most desirable pyramidal evergreen trees in the landscape. Prefers moist, well drained soils and full sun. Tolerant of dry conditions.

Douglas Fir

Height: 40-80 Ft.  Spread: 12-20 Ft.
Broad pyramidal evergreen with soft blue-green foliage. Upper branches ascending and lower branches droop. Avery stately evergreen.

Balsam Fir

Height: 60-80 Ft.  Spread: 10-15 Ft.
Prefers a cool, moist, sheltered location. Blue-green flat needle and very fragrant. Excellent for wildlife and Christmas tree.


Norway Spruce

Height: 40-80 Ft.  Spread: 25-30 Ft.
Pyramidal with pendulous branches; stiff when young, graceful at matutity. Medium to fast growth. Bright green when young changing to lustrous dark green. Commonly used as a windbreak, shelters or as a tempory specimen. When planted in moist, rich soil, this is the fastest growing of the Spruce family.

Black Hills Spruce

Height: 35-45 Ft.  Spread: 10-20 Ft.
A symmetrical, compact and bushy growth habit. Foliage varies from green to bluish tint. Needles about _ inch in length. Very desirable as a specimen plant or for windbreak plantings.

White Spruce

Height: 60-70 Ft.  Spread: 15-20 Ft.
Silver-green short needles. Fast growing spruce that is tolerant of wind and wet soil. Native to Wisconsin. Excellent landscape tree.

Pinus - Pine

White Pine

Height: 50-80 Ft.  Spread: 20-30 Ft.
A beautiful, symmetrical, pyramidal tree when young, becoming broad and picturesque with age. Needles are bluish-green in color and are in clusters of five. Long, narrow cones. White Pine tolerates shade better than other pines and likes to be near other trees. Widely planted along highways, as specimen trees and for mass plantings.

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